Are you looking for a faith-based organization to join? Perhaps, you're not sure which types of churches are going to offer you the most.

Churches have been around for thousands of years. Recently, it's been reported that every year, more than 4000 churches close their doors. Remember, though, churches are about more than numbers.

If you're considering a church membership, you should have an idea of the basic church types you can choose from. Here, you'll learn about the most common church types.

Read on and explore the different church congregations you can attend:

Biblical Churches

Biblical churches hold to the core tenets of the Christian faith such as salvation made available through Jesus, the Trinity, and the inerrancy of Scripture.

These churches may have a variety of worship styles and theology. Thus, the emphasis will always be placed on the Bible as the ultimate source of truth. As such, members of Biblical churches are expected to practice doctrines derived from the Bible.

These are prayer and tithing, as well as following the biblical command to love and serve others. Biblical churches are a great way to foster an authentic relationship with the lord Jesus christ and build character. They provide a good platform for studying, praying and dedicating oneself to Scripture and its truths.

Charismatic Churches

Charismatic Churches present an interesting look into the aspects of Christianity. They emphasize the presence of the holy spirit and spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and prophesying.

They provide church etiquette and an atmosphere of spiritual growth. Additionally, they have higher expectations of miracles and healing. This will help them to coincide with the teachings of scripture. Plus, worship services involve vibrant music, adoration, prayer, and preaching. Their goal is to achieve a heightened experience of God's presence. 

Catholic Churches

Catholic Churches are commonly known for being the oldest type of Church in the world. This Church holds to the beliefs of the Council of Trent and Benedict XV and holds to the teachings of Sacred Scriptures as found in the Bible.

The Church is structured around the teaching of the Seven Sacraments. It was seen as an important signpost of personal growth and understanding. 

Non-Denominational Churches

NonDenominational Churches are ideal for those seeking an individualized worship experience. Also, it is for people without adhering to denominational restrictions. Services are generally more interactive and participatory than in a more structured church setting. They generally emphasize a form of prophetic, gospel-centered Christianity. Plus, they often include the use of modern music and literature. 

Neo-Christian Churches

Neo-Christian Churches are known for worshiping God and proclaiming the gospel in a contemporary. Along with traditional services, these churches often feature modern music, video, and diverse ministries. In seeking a good Easter or Good Friday service in Naperville, IL, view here to see the congregation and services inclusive that meet their criteria and needs.

A Handy-Dandy Breakdown of Different Types of Churches Today

Churches come in all shapes and sizes, bringing unique qualities to their communities. Each type of church offers something special. Whichever one you choose to join, make sure it fits with your spiritual goals and beliefs. Explore to find the types of churches that best speaks to your faith - there's something out there for everyone!

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